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Giabo Wireless Ultrasonic Humidifier

Price: HKD 388.00        

USB Charging, Wireless, Handy, Super Quiet Operation

Ideal for bedroom, desk, office, car cabin and travelling

1. Ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce extra fine water mist that humidify your room more effectively and quietly. (34dB only)
2. USB interface/ or adaptor for easy charging.
3. Wireless Operation, built-in li-ion battery.
4. It's so handy to pack it into your luggage bag and use it in your hotel room.
5. Small & handy design makes it flexible to be placed at any corners in your room.
6. The humidifier unit can be placed and functions in other cups.

• Model No.: MH01
• Model Name.: Wireless Ultrasonic Humidifier
• Adaptor(Input): 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
• Adaptor(Output): DC 5V 500mA
• Humidification performance: 30±10ml/h
• Humidifier(Voltage): DC 5V
• Operating Hour: Wireless mode: 4-5 hours / Wired mode: 6-7 hours

• Changer time: Around 3 hrs
• Cup Capacity: 203 ml
• Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 126mm
• Weight(g): 125g

Instruction Manual